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These short, innovative & creative gems come directly from Hilton Johnson's 40-plus years of sales and business experience. Here are a few examples:

Instead of showing people how smart you are, help people realize how much they already know.

Love the prospects who give you objections for they are telling you what you're doing wrong.

If your prospect doesn't have any problems your product or service will solve, you don't have a prospect.

"Words cannot explain what you have done for me... I now have a very successful organization (233 Business Partners and $10,528 in income in just two months) and I am a true leader."
Cheryl Rubman, ShopToEarn Distributor

"I began my coaching at an annual income of $30K. I am currently at an income of $80K!"
Danielle Vermette, USANA Independent Distributor

"Business Coaching is worth every penny and more. As a matter of fact I'm going to sign up for my second year next month."
Judy Orbanosky, Independent Distributor

"My income has gone up 250%. Selling by Attraction is on the forefront of my mind when I approach people."
Linda Gould, Arbonne International Distributor

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