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Receive a free 30 minute Business Strategy Session by phone allowing you to learn how to find leads and prospects without rejection.

Business Coaching - 12-Month Coaching Program
Business Coaching is a twelve-month comprehensive coaching program for network marketers who desire to get their businesses on a fast track to success.


The Recruiting Package
This package includes specific language and formulas for making all types of prospecting calls, attracting qualified prospects, the basic fundamentals of asking powerful questions and unique ways to overcome objections.

Package contains: The Recruiting Machine CD Home Study Program, The Magic and Power of Questions CD Home Study Program and The Hilton Johnson Collection Book.

Package is $150.95 Savings over individual products.



The Business Development Package
This is a step-by-step program for learning how to deliver well-structured and compelling business presentations after you have generated qualified leads. You will be able to ask easily answered questions that result in your prospects selling themselves on you and your business.

Package contains three of our most popular products: The Selling By Attraction CD Home Study Program, Flash Cards and The Magic and Power of Questions CD Home Study Program.

Package is $328.00 Savings over individual products.



The Leadership Package
This package provides you with three powerful tools for mastering your presentations and coaching your downline. Your business will grow exponentially as you apply the business and leadership skills you will learn in these programs.

Package contains: The Leadership Coaching CD Home Study Program, The Selling By Attraction CD Home Study Program and The Hilton Johnson Collection Book.

Package is $390.95 Savings over individual products.


Selling By Attraction CD Program by Hilton Johnson
Used correctly, the "Selling By Attraction" Program will actually cause qualified prospects to sell themselves on joining your business or buying your products and services. Includes 8 hours of audio on CD plus workbook.


Leadership Coaching by Hilton Johnson
"Leadership Coaching" is the first coach training program designed exclusively for network marketers and takes advantage of more than ten years of worldwide research and development and over 2100 hours of actual coaching experience. Includes 8 hours of audio plus workbook.

Recruiting Machine CD Program by Hilton Johnson
Learn how to take the guesswork out of what to say to attract prospects to the business of network marketing. Includes 4 hours of audio on CD plus workbook.

Magic & Power of Questions by Hilton Johnson
The single greatest reason people do not make it in NWM is they talk themselves out of the business. The best network marketers have made it their business to be good at asking questions and listening very carefully, learn how you can too. Includes 4 hours of audio on CD plus workbook.

How To Be A Marketing Genius by Hilton Johnson
In Hilton Johnson's CD/ROM program, "How To Be A Marketing Genius," he can teach you what has taken him over 30 years (and tens of thousands of dollars) to learn from other marketing geniuses.Includes 4 hours of audio.


Listen Your Way To Success by Hilton Johnson
Deep-Level Listening Will Make You the Ultimate Network Marketing Leader.  Learn to master the art of listening on all three levels.Includes 4 hours of audio.


The Hilton Johnson Collection
Hilton Johnson, The MLM Coach™, has taken the very best of his ideas for "Prospecting, Presenting and Marketing By Attraction" and compiled them into this handy 121-page book that fits into your jacket pocket or purse.

Start Right Now by Hilton Johnson & Steve Spaulding
This program (approximately 3 hours in length) will boost your recruiting results, increase your sales and help you develop more leaders. It is literally everything you need to know from day one in your network marketing career.

Health Coach Program Introduction CD Packet
This promotional packet contains 10 identical 45-minute CD's. The CD teaches a basic Health Coaching formula and introduces a training system for building a professional Health Coaching practice. Use these CD's to introduce others to the Health Coach Training Program.
Flash Cards by Hilton Johnson
How many times have you been stumped at what questions to ask your prospects when prospecting or presenting? Wouldn't it be nice to know if your prospects have financial, freedom and job dissatisfactions that your network marketing business can remedy?

Teleconference Bridge Rentals
A private teleconference bridge line is available for meetings and training classes worldwide with a maximum of 150 participants for $30.00 per hour.


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