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Recruiting Machine™ CD Home Study Program
by Hilton Johnson

Learn how to take the guesswork out of what to say to attract prospects to the business of network marketing.

In this program you will learn:

Where to find your ideal prospects...

Students learn more than ten different ways to locate ideal prospects including:

  • the warm market (three different ways)
  • the cold market
  • leads generated by marketing
  • the referral market
  • people in supermarkets, shopping malls, elevators, etc.
  • the Internet and email market
  • their niche market

Comfortable approaches...

Specific language formulas are taught that make it easy for the network marketer to approach any kind of prospect including entrepreneurs, professionals or other network marketers.

Website and video prospecting...

Let your company's website, videos, cassettes and conference call systems do the selling for you. Use MLM U's proven language formulas to compel your prospects to want to see your presentation. You'll learn how to get them to your website presentation and how to get them to view video presentations.

Separating good prospects from the bad...

The single greatest reason people do not make it in network marketing is because they spend their time trying to recruit the wrong people into their business. This portion of the training will teach you a question formula that will solve that problem once and for all. You will never have to spend your time giving presentations to people who will just waste your time and energy.

Avoid negative words and phrases...

Network marketers habitually make the mistake of using overused and hyped-up words and phrases (like "opportunity meeting," "you're in for a treat," etc.) that cause prospects to automatically resist discussing your offer. You'll learn how to replace the 13 most common "negative trigger words and phrases" with irresistible language that attracts rather than repels your prospects.

Overcome common objections...

You do not want your organization to go out prospecting without the ammunition of powerful responses to objections like:

  • Is this a pyramid deal?
  • I don't like selling
  • Is this network marketing?
  • What is it?

The key is developing relationships...

You will walk away from this program with 112 different ways to learn about your prospects' world. The result is you'll develop unbeatable relationships that will produce business and referrals for a lifetime.

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