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The Magic and Power of Questions™ CD Home Study Program
by Hilton Johnson

Network marketers talk too much. Listen to them. They are sooooo excited about what the products have done for them and how wonderful their business opportunity is, they can't shut up.

The single greatest reason people do not make it in NWM is they talk themselves out of the business. And it's no wonder, people are fed up with being pitched and pitched by people who just keep running their mouths. The best network marketers (and business leaders, salespeople, attorneys, therapists, doctors, teachers, life coaches and even politicians) have made it their business to be good at asking questions and listening very carefully.

But not just any questions — powerful, proven questions.

Smart business people are always studying questioning techniques. They also listen for and collect good questions when they read or hear them. Hilton Johson has been collecting questions for over 40 years and still continues to do so.

Think about this: It's impossible to build a successful network marketing business without people. And you don't attract and keep good people without good communication skills. That's a given. To make money in this business you have to recruit and keep good people. Right?

What better way to attract and keep the people you want than asking the kinds of questions that will cause people to like and trust you to the point that they want to join your business, buy your products and work with you for the rest of their lives?

Can asking NWM questions be that magical and powerful you ask? You bet.

Hilton is so convinced that questions are the key to building a network marketing machine that he has created an entirely new program based on asking NWM questions to recruit and develop leaders.

In this home study program you will learn...

  • How to instantly attract new leads in casual conversations
  • How to separate the leaders in your group from the losers
  • How to stop the whining and help recruits solve their own problems
  • How to create curiosity about your business and get prospects practically begging you for more information
  • Questions that make people assess their lives and how network marketing can help them
  • Seven ways to help your potential leaders to clarify goals and take immediate action
  • How to present a variety of options for ways to build a business
  • Ways to help struggling network marketers see the fun in their struggles
  • Questions that uncover a prospect's "why" on a much, much deeper level
  • How to instantly discover leaders when attending people functions
  • How to create a mind-set with your people for being more productive
  • A discovery process for what works and what doesn't
  • Questions that motivate -- really motivate
  • Eleven ways to help your non-producers get unstuck when they are blocked


Because this four hour program was recorded from live TeleClasses, you will experience real-time coaching by Hilton Johnson and class volunteers demonstrating how to use multiple NWM questions to make prospecting, presenting and developing leaders more fun and profitable.

If you learn nothing else this year, this program alone will make it the best year you've ever had in network marketing.

(4-CD/ROMs Recorded From Live TeleClasses Plus Printed Lessons)

$229.00 (CD/ROM)


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