Selling By Attraction™

"Selling By Attraction"™ CD Home Study Program by Hilton Johnson

This is the complete "Selling By Attraction" TeleClass Program on eight 8 CD/ROMs with a workbook of printed lessons. (Note: This program was recorded live.)

"Selling By Attraction" is a 39-year study of real world experience in how to use proven specific language that will make business presentations almost irresistible... while at the same time honor your prospects as well as yourself.

Used correctly, the "Selling By Attraction" Program will actually cause qualified prospects to sell themselves on joining your business or buying your products and services.
When you complete this program, you will be able to:
Replace sales resistance with attraction — Your prospects will find themselves becoming more and more attracted to you as you deliver your recruiting or retail sales presentation to them.
Get more yeses to your proposal by making it easy for your prospects to say no to you. The language of this approach alone is worth the entire course investment.
Ask a single qualifying question that will quickly reveal to you if you're presenting to a potential business builder or a time-wasting, unqualified prospect... and if it's the latter of the two, how to gracefully make your exit.
Stage your presentation in such a way that you will never have to compete with noisy children, pets, televisions and such for your prospect's attention.
Deliver a compelling, attractive presentation over the telephone or in person to an individual or a small group. You'll know exactly what to say and what to do to produce positive, dramatic and immediate results.
Master the art of asking specific questions that uncover your prospects true motivations... and then what to do with that knowledge. There's no guesswork here. Learning the art of asking questions is the most important skill you will ever need to attract ideal business builders and customers to your business.
Have your prospects do the selling for you. You just sit back and count the money you're going to make as this process unfolds.
Uncover your prospect's financial, freedom and job motivations and then effortlessly show him/her how you can meet all of his/her needs by doing business with you. Your prospects will love you for this and they'll never feel as though you are shoving something down their throats.
Easily present your products, services and business proposal to your prospects in such a structured, organized way that they will instantly like and trust you and be eager to buy your products and join your business as quickly as you'll let them.
Present your program in such a natural, warm and non-threatening way that you will never need to have a closing stage to your presentation. Your prospects will close themselves. You'll see.


(8 CDs Recorded from Live TeleClasses Plus Workbook)

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