MLMU Success Stories

"Thanks for your fabulous coaching. I am now totally prepared to talk to anyone about Juice Plus by using my Hello How Are You, 30-Second Commercial, and 5-Minute Presentations. Since the start of my program, I have qualified my Business for the last 4 months, and I am about to make it 5 months in a row, the most ever for me! I have increased my paycheck by 20%... I have had great success with the MLMU School and never hesitate to refer to it as reason for my success."
— Sue Conn-Hood, Juice Plus Independent Distributor

"I came to MLMU averaging $20,000/mo. and a year later was averaging $40,000/mo. I already had a great team of leaders - MLMU gave me the structure to help my leaders become more effective with a duplicate system of what to say and how to say it so people were comfortable instead of resistant."
— Brenda Schuler, Young Living Essential Oils

Thanks to Mickey's coaching I was able to accomplish many things in my life this year including an increase in my monthly income from $1500 a month to $3750 a month and more importantly the belief that I can keep increasing my income thanks to being able to overcome many of my blocks to selling as well as increased confidence as I experienced real success in my business for the first time. Mickey's ability to provide no-nonsense yet compassionate coaching has been a life saver for me.
— Laura Rice, Shop To Earn Independent Distributor

"Since enrolling in the Business Coaching Program my income is up $1800 per month, which is a 38% increase over what it had been. In addition, I was just named National Training Director for my company. This is all a direct result of what I've learned from MLMU!"
— Tony Thomas, Financial Destination Independent Distributor & National Training Director

"I feel that you have taken something that is complicated, and made it simple. I tend to try to go in too many directions, and get overwhelmed. These classes have given me a basic framework from which to follow. We are even beginning to use the skills learned to train our downline. In a few concise classes, you gave direction that we can use for years to come."
— Claudia Vogrin, Pre-Paid Legal Independent Distributor

"The Business Coaching Program is like one BIG Happy Family and I'm proud to have been a part of it."
— Serena Glover, The Body Shop At Home Independent Senior Consultant

"Words cannot explain what you have done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing out the person I knew I was meant to be. I now have a very successful organization (233 Business Partners and $10,528 in income in just two months) and I am a true leader. Thank you!"
— Cheryl Rubman, Melaleuca Independent Distributor
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"I use the MLMU strategies daily, at client meetings, when making cold calls, giving presentations, closing deals even in formulating e-mail correspondence. I began my coaching in January 2007 at an annual income of $30K. I am currently at an income of $80K and I still have a month to go in this year!!!"
— Danielle Vermette, USANA Independent Distributor

"I'm happy to say that in only four months after joining the MLMU Business Coaching program my income has increased by $2,000 a month!"
— Michael J. Toscano, Regional Training Director
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"Your Getting Into Action classes have been my favorites of the whole program to date! What I've learned I have been able to immediately implement. Learning different approaches and building the confidence to use them in my everyday work/life situations has been instrumental in my adding to the list of contacts, growing my hot and warm prospect list, increasing my walkthroughs/ presentations and improving my conversion rate. I'm collecting the tools, effectively using them and I'm moving in the right direction!"
— Danielle Hawthorne, Send Out Cards Independent Distributor

"My monthly income has increased 10+ times since completing your course. Your program has been, by far, the most important and valuable experience I have had in building an mlm organization. The entire program was well-organized and relevant. I especially enjoyed the lesson series taught by Robin and Tim and the archived lessons by Hilton. All were excellent!"
— Ed Euken, Conklin Independent Distributor

"MLMU is a great place to learn and to be supported in moving forward with our careers in MLM."
— Charles Onuoha, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Independent Distributor

"My income has gone up 250%. Selling by Attraction is on the forefront of my mind when I approach people about my business. I am definitely more in tune to my listening skills and continue to improve in that area. I would rate my coach a 10+. She was the best listener I've ever come in contact with, and always had excellent suggestions. I absolutely loved having a personal coach each week!"
— Linda Gould, Arbonne International Distributor

"By August 2003 we crossed the bridge to becoming National Directors with an increase of 51 people in our downline including 4 Regional Directors and doubled our sales volume!"
— Sharyn Woods and Darlene Phillips, National Directors, Mannatech
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"Since I put the pieces in place I have launched a business with such power and strengh, that my income has gone up dramatically--my monthly check is 1000% bigger than it was before!"
—Dannielle Darrough, Regional Director
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"You have enabled me to make changes that, without your coaching, I would not have been aware needed to be changed. This has happened recently and suddenly, and I am so pleased."
--Ann Fuller, Shaklee Independent Distributor
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"Since I started with MLMU (one month ago), my business team sales have increased by 153%, and our team sponsoring has tripled."
— Brenda Merritt, Arbonne International Distributor
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"Business Coaching is worth every penny and more. As a matter of fact I am going to sign up for my second year with the program next month."
— Judy Orbanosky, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Independent Distributor
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"My team has doubled in size and my monthly group volume is three times what it was before Business Coaching"
— Wendy Severns, Herbalife Independent Distributor
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"The things I've learned in the Business Coaching Program will stay with me the rest of my life."
 — June Wideman, New Vision International Distributor

"When I started coaching I was in a negative cash flow. Today, I am in a positive cash flow!"
— Tammy Sutherland, Pre-Paid Legal Independent Distributor
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"My Business Coaching Program started only a month ago and already my confidence and effectiveness have grown ten times."
— Jessica Stone, FreeLife International Independent Distributor
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"The MLMU Business Coaching Program has helped me in getting focused on activities that have doubled my income in 90 days..."
— Melinda Ball, USANA Independent Distributor
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"I want to take the time to personally thank you for all of your support in helping me grow my ACN business. I couldn't have done it without you!"
 — Cheryl MacLeod, ACN Independent Distributor

"Wow, what a difference Business Coaching has made in my business."
 — Louise Beasley, Nikken Independent Distributor

"Before I joined Business Coaching, I was really stressed out. I was always frustrated and I was going nowhere. Joining this coaching program was one of the best decisions that I've ever made."
— Pari Ellis, Tahitian Noni International Independent Distributor
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"I earned enough up-front money in a single day to almost pay for my entire month of coaching!"
— Roland Michelli, American Petroleum Promotions Independent Distributor
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"I am finding working my business to be so much easier and I'm really enjoying my business now. I have 6 enrollments so far and I'm not slowing down."
 — Anne Linne, Melaleuca Marketing Executive
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"My downline has doubled!"
— Nataliya Berenznyuk, Independent Distributor
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"It's as though I've been given permission to try something totally different instead of trying harder at what hasn't been working for me."
 — Susan Holman, ACN Independent Distributor

"Although I have only been participating in the Business Coaching Program for 2 1/2 months, I can already see a difference in the way I am working on my business."
— Judy Whitelock, Senior Director II, Melaleuca
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"Thanks for throwing me a life jacket!"
 — Becky Chorny, USANA Independent Distributor
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"I talked to more people the last two days than I have the last 11 months in network marketing. This is great stuff!!!"
— Sharon Smith, Independent Distributor
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"This STUFF WORKS!!! I know that I am reaching more people faster! And...
I have more FREE TIME for my family now than I ever did before, which is what I was wanting from the get-go!"
— Pam Graddy, Mannatech Independent Distributor
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"I'm aware of at least two sales that I made so far specifically because of the training I've received through MLMU."
—Nancy Zare, Mannatech Independent Distributor
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"I have single handedly improved my closing ratios and have more business with my teams than ever before."
— Steve Finnegan, Independent Distributor
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